What is the Service Binding in the Exchange Web Services Managed API

The Microsoft Exchange Web Services Managed API have 2 main classes, the FOLDER Class and the ITEM Class. All these 2 need a ServiceObject in order to communicate with a Exchange Web service.

Service Binding use the Autodiscover Object in order to get a Exchange Web Service endpoint URL, something like this https://SERVER.outlook.com/EWS/Exchange.asmx.

The Folder Class


The Item Class


You can see at the TOP of the hierarchy SERVICEOBJECT that is a type of ExchangeService() Object

So what next? let’s see in more detail, what Outlook do if you add a Microsoft Exchange Account?


In this case Outlook will try to resolve thru Autodiscover the domain in the E-mail Address field, and get the Endpoint for the Exchange Web Service, if the credentials are OK, all user configurations and Mail will be attached to Outlook

Service Binding do the same thing, the only difference is that you will assign properties values to a ExchangeService(), and assign user information’s like the Endpoint URL in order to you can use All Objects in the FOLDER and ITEM Class

Let’s see the Method here

Enjoy EWS!


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